It’s the year 2040, self-driving cars are on the roads, and we pay for our coffee with Bitcoins — or do we? Such forecasts are complicated to make, but one thing is certain: digitization will continue to shape our lives in the future. And with the advancing networking of end devices, new demands will also be placed on software.

To meet these requirements satisfactorily, the testing of this software must also adapt to the new conditions. Current approaches will become obsolete, and new tools will emerge. Of course, no one can say exactly how and to what extent the world…

At first glance, not many people associate fishing with software testing — why would they? When you’re fishing, you’re standing in the great outdoors by a river or a lake, mostly trying to escape your digital identity. Software testing, on the other hand, is a central part of ongoing digitization. However, anglers and software testers share a surprising number of similarities and characteristics.

In fact, I am firmly convinced that fishing is an excellent way to visualize the most important processes in testing. I’ll explain why in four essential points that testers and anglers have in common.

Specifying your target

Before the actual…

Software development has changed significantly over the last few years. Waterfall models fortunately belong to the past and even large corporations are adapting to agile development methods. Even if this means an increase in profits for the companies, the winners of this development are the end users. “Customer is king” finally applies to software development: companies act fast and changes are implemented immediately.

As promising as it sounds, there are also downsides. In the past, a large-scale test on release day was usually sufficient to uncover the most important software bugs. Nowadays, it is logical to test every commit, but…

How do you decide which software tests to run and which not to run? If you ask this question to ten different companies, chances are that you will get very different answers. Probably you will find out that no one has really thought about it — ask yourself this question (and if you come to a different conclusion, I’m happy to hear from you!). Most of the time, some features are said to be important and the focus is on the fact that they are covered by the tests. However, the general rule is: the more tests, the better.

Combinatorial Explosions


Jonas Menesklou

Software Enthusist | User-centric Security and QA | Founder - Writing about things that come to my mind at 2 am

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